Our Manifesto

Do you ever have any negative thoughts about the course of our planet?
Do you ever think about the world in 30, 40, 50...maybe 150 years from now?

At ECo,
we believe
in sustainability.
It’s the core
of our mission.

Sustainability should be part of everything we do, think or experience.
To be able to embrace change, a positive mindset is key.
We are absolutely thrilled about the world as it is today.
Just think about it for a second, we are way better off in so many aspects of life.
And even though we are potentially facing one of the biggest threats of human history we are still confident in humans ability to fix things.

After all change starts with a positive mindset.

Our mission at ECo is to show the world that we, as a species, can live on this planet sustainably, without giving up any of the things we love doing.

Why are we doing what we do?

We are experiencing a massive paradigm shift. People in every corner of our planet are realizing that we need to include the environment into our economic thinking.
It’s the time in history where we can change our world.
We have the tools, knowledge and abilities at our hands to shift the classic approach of living and doing business to one, where we account for our impact of our actions on the environment.


Here at Eco, we have asked ourselves the same questions over and over again. We decided that we could no longer just sit and accept the status quo.
That is the reason why we are building the groundwork for a new revolution of conscious and sustainable living.
We are here to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to embrace more sustainable practices.
We are a group of people that has come together to make a dent in the universe.

The people who join the ECo Revolution are the change that they want to see in this world.
Be one of them, because we are all in this together.
To behave sustainably as a human or as an enterprise can be challenging, we know. We all have habits and do things that we probably shouldn’t.
However, joining ECo means leading a sustainable life and making the right decisions can be fun and rewarding.
From planting trees to offset your carbon emissions, over creating the right tools and processes. You will be surprised how simple it sometimes can be.
We can’t wait to work on this together with you!

Start today and join the #ECoChangers!

(because we won’t be able to change the world alone)