Our Manifesto

We feel so lucky to have lived in an era of prosperity and progress.
We feel so privileged to have access to electricity, clean water, a health system and food 24/7.
We feel so blessed to have enjoyed the beauties of nature.

The oceans, the mountains, the rivers and the lakes.

What is your thoughts about the course of our planet?

In the name of “progress” we have lost our humanity and our connection with nature. This led us to where we stand today, facing one of the biggest threats in human history. And no one else but us can fix things...

We need to prove ourselves that,
as a species, we can live on this planet sustainably
without compromising future generations
ability to enjoy it as much as we did.

We are experiencing a massive paradigm shift.

People in every corner of the planet are realizing that we need to include the environment in our economic and social thinking.
It’s the time in history when we can change our world. We have the tools, knowledge and abilities at our hands to shift from a linear approach of living and doing business to one in which nature is preserved and restored rather than exploited and degraded.

A positive mindset is key, to be able to embrace such change.

After all change starts with a positive mindset.

We believe in an Industrial System that considers Nature Conservation as a key enabler of long term human progress rather than an obstacle.

We believe in a Society that measures progress through social, natural and economical indicators and not just with GDP.

We believe in Humans that can Have more without the need to Own more.

We believe in Regeneration, Sustainability, Circularity and all future theories drawing a roadmap for a better future.


Here at Eco, we acknowledge that, as privileged, we can no longer just sit and accept the status quo.

That is why we have started to build a community of individuals and businesses committed to change the way we live and do businesses by embracing sustainable and circular practices.

To behave sustainably as a human or as an enterprise can be challenging, we know.

We all have habits and do things that we probably shouldn’t.

We are here to provide our community with the knowledge, the tools and the ecosystem to successfully activate this transformation.

We are a community made of people committed to be the change we want to see in this world.

Join our Community.