Share on Instagram your experience with SIZ

15 ECo Coins

Dear #ECochangers,
SIZ would love your feedback on their products. If you have purchased one of their beautiful pieces, share your experience on your Instagram profile and show everyone your personal experience.


- Once you have received your SIZ piece, create a content (post or story) showing the product and share your personal experience

- Mention in the content that you have purchased the piece from #NOTanotherMARKETPLACE

- Tag and @sizbrand

- Use the hashtag #NOTanotherMARKETPLACE and #SIZgang


- The profile needs to be public, personal and active IG profile

⁃ Please make sure that the content created complies with our Terms and Conditions

⁃ Make sure the correct hashtag and mentions

⁃ If you have a private profile or your IG nick name does not contain your full name make sure to upload a screenshot of the content below

⁃ Once the content has been published it will take 24-48h to verify the activity

Thank you, we are really excited about your personal feedback,
Raquel, Sofia and the SIZ Team