Green Friday Activity:

Go Green with electronics

100 ECo Coins

Electronic devices are the most purchased Black Friday item, adding up to 50 million tons of electronic waste each year.

But there are several simple things we can do to tackle the most polluting part of Black Friday: Electronics!

  1. Repair broken electronics
  2. Recycle old electronics accordingly
  3. Swop to rechargeable batteries
  4. Buy second hand and refurbished electronics like laptops and phones. Most platforms even give you warranty! (saves money too)
  5. Share tools with your neighbours and borrow from them (eg. drilling or mowing machine)

Always ask yourself: do I really need to possess this and if yes, do I need to buy this item new?

Pick one of the things or surprise us with other solutions and share them with us on Instagram. tag:

You will get 50+50 ECo Coins, which you can spend on a sustainable product next time you need something!

Thank you for the support;
The ECo Team