The ECo revolution works like gravity. We are the central hub to an expanding orbit of sustainability practitioners. Our force grows by engaging industries, communities and individuals so they can become co-creators of #ECochange


Through our online platform, offline communities and services, we’re committed to empowering people to make conscious choices and get the most out of their lives, while living in peace with nature.


We are a startup on an exciting mission! Growing a global community of people and businesses who share social, moral and environmental values and are eager to give their lives a sustainable twist.

We strongly believe that each of us needs to take a step towards the green revolution, both as individuals and businesses. For us, this is a rewarding journey in which people learn, experience and co-create. By sharing inspiration and knowledge, we can spread the message and actively participate in saving our planet.
Whether in your daily life, at work, or while traveling, we want to help you get the most out of your life while respecting the environment around you.
To behave sustainably as a human, or as an enterprise, is a big job. We are all subject to existing habits and knowing where to start can be challenging. We are here to help by providing you with the knowledge, skills and tools to embrace more sustainable practices.
After all, ECo is all about building an integrated community. We are creating an ecosystem of individuals and businesses that are working toward a common goal.
By supporting co-creation processes, we want to foster innovation within our community and support the birth of revolutionary projects in the clean tech sector.
Discover how to make eco-friendly choices in all aspects of your life using our additional guides.


It is difficult to change what you cannot see.

Our founders Enzo and Gianpaolo met at university in Milan and formed a friendship through their shared love of travel, sustainability and solving problems through business.

They both worked in corporate jobs after university, but felt they were not creating real value with their working lives. They made a difficult decision and left their 9 to 5 jobs. They wanted to experiment with living and working by immersing themselves in nature and travel. On their journey through Indonesia and Southeast Asia, they were shocked by the extent that paradise was in trouble. Rubbish littered the ocean and land; there was pollution from construction sites and huge amounts of waste created by tourism. Enzo and Gianpaolo realised that they were used to seeing things as they were at home in Italy. At home the problems with the environment was not as obvious. In developing nations the negative effects of pollution and resource exploitation is highly visible and difficult to ignore.

That change in perspective was what they needed. They decided to start thinking about how they could live more sustainability and inspire others to do so as well

They started sharing their ideas with friends and realised they were also looking for ways to live more sustainably. They began to build a community around their shared values, and that started the journey that brought them to building ECo.

ECo is a central hub for education, consulting and co-creation to open people’s eyes to the positive impact they can have on the Planet. So we can learn to make better choices for the future while enabling conscious opportunities.

Dreamers with wonderful ideas!


My mission is to help people. See how they can use what they already know to live sustainably. And once they learn to see what they are doing they can share it with people around them.


I value the importance of one moment. The choices that you make in that one moment can have a massive flow on effect. The small choices that we all make can add up to a big change. The change we need for our planet and ourselves.